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It shows how the police in Canada are only there for white women but the police don't give eff all about protecting nonwhite women though nonwhite women don't do as much criminal activities like white women.I hope there are moderators who can keep civility in these threads, avoiding unpleasant comments like some of the ones below by Anonymous. As a city, Toronto has lack of planning for infrastructure or services for the people who come.Why does gun violence in Toronto disproportionately affect black men and innocent women of racialized and indigenous status?Rarity do you see on the news about some feminist or feminist rat police informant being victim to gun violence in Toronto.They get tired, they leave, and they are replaced by other newcomers.- Even local university graduates have issues finding jobs https://ca/news/business/millennial-jobs-education-1.4009295 More often they have to compete with people who come from outside and will take lower salaries for the same positions.

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I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman.I told him and tell all young, single men reading this, there are none left in Canada. They all walk naked on the streets of Toronto, have careers where they have access to children such as elementary and secondary school teachers, have makeovers on Instagram and Snap-chat, and feature themselves pretty cool and very good looking; neither of which they are anymore. They all have lesbian tendencies and I have been directly told they dress for each other and for the children, not for men.Each and every femonist in Toronto is a pedophile who hates men but molests children.Female nudity is not sexual and it surely doesnt affect children.If the teacher wants to express herself by taking off her clothes and baring it all at her workplace who are you to judge?

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