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He had even called together a group of disciples with whom he could share ministry (even as he taught them his message).He’s had some success with his preaching and his healing/exorcism ministry, drawing both supporters and opponents.Conversion can be seen as a rejection of family tradition and values.Early Christians knew this to be true, and most likely this was true for Mark’s community.In his response to their charges, Jesus asks some questions in the form of parables.He asks the religious authorities, how it would benefit Beelzebul if demons were pitted against demons.As for Jesus, he’s willing to return the favor, and even goes further by breaking completely from his family of origin.The only family he’s interested in is the one who does the will of God and follows him.

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Most assuredly Jesus posed a problem for his family when he came home. You can’t hide when your child proves to be an embarrassment.

Surely this internecine battle would undermine Satan, not strengthen Satan’s hand.

After all, neither Jesus nor his critics believed that Jesus was casting out good spirits. He was healing people and restoring them to health, he just wasn’t going about it in the authorized manner.

Mark doesn’t have an infancy narrative, and while a Mary, the mother of James the younger, Joses, and Salome, is found at the cross and tomb, Mark doesn’t identify this Mary as his own mother (Mark , 47; 16:1-8).

As far as Mark is concerned Jesus’ biological family are numbered among the non-believers and even opponents of his ministry. They want home where they can keep him out of sight.

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