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For instance, ask her this: Then, just a few seconds later, send a GIF like this: Or try sending her a question like this one, with a GIF that serves as the punch line: If you can get her to crack a smile when she’s reading your message, you’re that much closer to moving things off the app.

PRO TIP: To maximize your chances of getting a response, send more of your messages during “prime time” between 7pm and 11pm.

That means you don’t have to pull out your hair trying to be funny, AND you get to skip straight to the fun part. An effective Tinder message accomplishes three goals: Let’s take a closer look at each one.#1: Grab Her Attention As you’ve probably figured out by now, “What’s up? Sure, every once in a blue moon you might get a response back. The stronger the connection, the more likely getting a response becomes.

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One great way to grab her attention and get her responding is to include a question in your Tinder messages that’s fun and easy to answer.

Having great material is only half the battle – knowing when to ask her out is the other half. But if you don’t, keep this general messaging formula in mind: Of course, the trick is in the transition between steps 2 & 3.

Make sure your next question flows with the overall message exchange, and don’t just pull random questions out of your a$$, For even more tips on crushing Tinder, go here.

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