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But she also might say she really adores him, in which case...

Forget it if one of you is more invested than the other.

I usually say whoever cares less should bow out instead of turning this into the kind of competition that can tear apart friend groups.

If one of you is just kind of interested and the other can't stop dreaming of the guy, then it just makes sense.

I know you like Eric, and I've also been having feelings for him lately." Even if you only have a crush on him instead of forever feelings, you still owe it to yourself to see where she stands.

There's the chance that she'll say he's all yours, and wouldn't you feel much better about the whole situation?

“But since many of the same characteristics that we would seek in a romantic relationship are the same ones we seek in a platonic relationship, it is no surprise that many friends find each themselves interested in each other.”If it hasn’t gone anywhere just yet, here’s why—from the perspective of single men.1. If you only see your guy friend sporadically, you might not be on his relationship radar just yet.

The attraction he feels is more of a slow-burn instead of fireworks.

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“Relationships, platonic or otherwise, are initiated out of mutual interest or compatibility, and the draw of attractiveness is certainly a primary factor,” says Ivankovich.

“Girls have a terrible tendency to communicate in ways guys don’t recognize and, yes, we are a bit thick,” he insists.

“From my experience, women hate the idea of clearly explaining their interest.

Which, yes, becomes a bit hairier when you each other's love-life problem.

Unless you're OK being sister wives, here's how to get through one of the most challenging friendship shake-ups with your friendship—and maybe even a new relationship—intact.-style romance?

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