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The individual can learn sexual behavior as he or she learns other behavior—through scripts that in this case give the self, other persons, and situations erotic abilities or content.Desire, privacy, opportunity, and propinquity with an attractive member of the opposite sex are not, in themselves, enough; in ordinary circumstances, nothing sexual will occur unless one or both actors organize these elements into an appropriate script. A belief in the sociocultural dominance of sexual behavior finds support in cross-cultural research as well as in data restricted to the United States.The Israelites had sinned in not reserving to every man his wife in the doubtful disputation.Their solution applied to New Testament times would be that however hot the dispute, there will be some churches who can accommodate a brother's courtship belief, and he can go there to get a wife, some place capable of necessary compromise.Both Abraham's and Joshua's approaches represent wrong though understandable alternate plans.Hagar was merely Sarah's servant girl, not the one meant to produce the heir.

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Which script other I bumped into a friend outside a store at the shopping mall and told him of a chair I'd purchased at a different store.

Abraham out of a sincere desire to do God's bidding—to birth an heir—, and from a realistic assessment of what was available for him to work with—the deadness of Sarah's womb—, kissed Sarah-in-bed goodbye to embrace a more workable method: Hagar in bed.

Similarly, Joshua Harris sincerely wants to work into a good marriage as God plans, and he realistically assesses the immaturity of high school dating, so he kisses it goodbye in order to embrace an amalgum of fellowship-meeting interactions and counsel & advice of his parents and elders.

In the Introduction he compares his book to, of all things, dating, cluing us that he expects the reader to be already familiar with dating: otherwise why would he make the comparison?

Then he wants us to "leave behind the world's lifestyle of dating," which I have no objection to, "the world's lifestyle." It's the throwing out the baby with the bath water I have a problem with.

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