Quotes on girls dating your ex

Had my ex secretly pined for a girl who was merely sweet and casual and easy-going?Finally, at some point, I came crashing down to my senses.Within minutes of taking in her slew of toothy selfies and college girl quotes, I drew some pretty drastic conclusions about a girl I had never met nor spoken to. She probably played soccer in high school and had a mom who baked. And it cut the surface of my skin with such a piercing intensity, its sting broke through to the core of my heart.I firmly decided she was most definitely a carefree bohemian girl. How could my ex be so immersed in a relationship with someone so opposite me?My ex’s new girl, (just like me) was carefully curating an image of herself that she wanted the masses to see. Behind every smiling selfie exists a desperate need for validation.The girl with the perfectly ponytailed hair who posts a bikini picture weekly with abs cut from steel is silently suffering from a warped body image.It lasted just shy of three years, but in that span of time, I felt a vast array of powerful feelings I had never felt before.While we were both hopelessly in love with each other, our youth worked to our detriment.

I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience, and despite a chorus of disapproving friends urging me not to do it, not to go “there,” not at least until I sobered up -- I proceeded to pick up my phone and find this on Instagram. Within seconds, my eyes penetrated her image: She had blonde highlighted, haplessly wavy hair -- effortlessly untouched from the heat of an iron. She posted inspirational quotes with glittering backgrounds in the “” realm.I was convinced I would never recover from my heartbreak, and neither would my partner. But the sick, twisted reality about falling in love is at some point, one of you will inevitably fall for someone else. I tried to avoid wrapping my brain around the idea and live in the protective bubble of denial -- until I found myself in a drunken state crying intoxicated tears into my best friend’s lap at a 2 am party.I decided, amidst my vodka-induced meltdown,was going to check this new chick out.“I will never look at you in the same way that I did before. But even today, thinking about us makes my eyes wet…I can’t help but remember how sparks flew when we met.

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