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Mikhail Marov of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry said scientists had determined the meteorite's age by observing the amount of radioactive isotopes and their decay byproducts, a technique called of a granodiorite at the Cuttaburra A prospect indicates that this mineralised system may be Middle Silurian in age and thus indicating that the host rocks are older than those hosting the Cobar-type deposits. There are two ways of writing down or reporting what was said on any occasion.

For inorganic matter and for older materials, isotopes of other elements, such as potassium, uranium, and strontium, are used.

In the years since, paleontology has sought to discover the entire history of life on earth, from the era of single-celled organisms up into the human era.

continue to make remarkable discoveries, such as that a huge meteorite that fell in the Gulf of Mexico wiped out the dinosaurs—all except the birds, the only surviving dinosaurs.

In the words of the Oxford dictionary, a thesaurus is “a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.” Most people in general and writers in particular make use of a thesaurus to find out synonyms and antonyms.

A thesaurus normally does not throw much light on the origin of words.

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