Rainbow singles dating

Tokyo, December 16, 1976In the dark, smoke-filled basement disco of the Tokyo Hilton, the night is in full swing.

The music throbs with a mid-tempo pulse, as salary men with open collars, loosened ties and uncomfortable paunches knock back the sake.

Refined-looking and impeccably dressed hostesses hover in the background, circling their prey with casual yet purposeful intent.

Even as far back as 1976, Ritchie Blackmore certainly agreed: “Everybody who’s heard it thinks it’s my best playing in a long time, which I suppose is a compliment,” he said.

With their second album, Rising, Ritchie Blackmore’s post-Purple band Rainbow created one of rock music's defining records.

Here, the man in black and his former bandmates look back on the tensions that fuelled this landmark album – and broke the band apart.

Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist and driving force with Rainbow, sits almost hidden in an anonymous alcove.

Dressed in his trademark black, only the whites of his eyes and a half-pint glass of imported German beer are visible.

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