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Old and damaged skin needs to be eliminated in order to pave way for new and healthier skin.

TACOMA, WA - Today Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist amended charges against Mark Anthony Brown, Jr., 26, from assault of a child in the first degree to murder in the second degree after three-year-old J. Ortiz was charged in 2010 but avoided capture until last year when he was arrested in Mexico and extradited to Washington. TACOMA, WA - Prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged Javier Valenzuela Feliz, 30, with two counts of murder in the second degree for allegedly killing Wilberth Joel Lopez Acala, 22, and Adrian Valencia Cuevas, 19, in University Place last month. TACOMA, WA - Today the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office arraigned Gary Charles Hartman for the murder of 12-year-old Michella Welch.

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Sun block or sun screen can come in handy in preventing premature aging of the skin.

TACOMA, WA - Lily Christopherson, 15, who went missing last month, was found alive and well yesterday in Puyallup.

Bonney Lake Police Department says on June 3, 2018, they received a tip that the girl had been spotted at a bus stop. TACOMA, WA - Today the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office charged Elon Jua Evans, 16, with assault in the second degree and possessing a weapon on school facilities.

Men should always apply sun block to exposed parts of their bodies to ensure that the sun does not take a toll on their skin.

Shaving creams and after shave lotions help in managing the sensitive skin that results from shaving.

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