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Sometimes this could be a stranger at a party but many times it could someone you know. While women of any age can be a victim of date rape, it is found that ladies aged 15 – 24 are at a higher risk.

You will often hear of date rape being associated with drugs.

Rape support online may be the first step in accepting what has happened and in getting in-person support.

Often the best way of finding help as a rape victim is through your local rape crisis center.

Unfortunately in many parts of the country the services providing help specifically for male victims are very few and far between and more funding undoubtedly needs to be put into this area so that male victims are not left unsupported, isolated and alone.

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This rape victim's support ranges from stories from other rape victims, educational material and support groups for rape victims.

The drugs make the victim unable to resist assault and sometimes the victim even has no memory of being assaulted.Any unwanted sexual attention or contact is usually defined as sexual assault.This includes and is not limited to inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, molestation and rape. Date rape is when a date (or an acquaintance) forces you to have sex without consent.These centers provide free services and are dedicated to helping victims of sexual violence.Rape crisis centers often provide: To find your local rape crisis center, call your local police department or hospital emergency room, the National Sexual Assault Hotline or consult Womens

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