Rashida jones and john krasinski dating

Their marriage wasn't perfect, but no real life marriage is.

They struggled with fulfilling their dreams beyond a paper company while also raising two kids and keeping their love alive, and while their problems weren't necessarily something to strive for, they were reassurance that even when you're one of TV's most iconic couples and also you're totally fictional, relationships need work in order to work.

By the time Pam was single and loved Jim, Jim had a girlfriend. Jim had just dumped Karen (Rashida Jones) and the prospect of a big promotion at the same time that Pam trying and failing to make the best of Jim leaving.

Then, he showed up right in the middle of her attempt at making the best, interrupting her talking head and finally asking her out to dinner.

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Really, they are, and we could talk about how great they are for long periods of time.

As one of the stars of NBC's , Krasinski played the Jim half of Jim and Pam, the quietly sarcastic couple whose bumpy love story spanned the entire series.

It's a fictional romance that has transcended its TV comedy world to become something more, something lusted after by fans who it as their ideal relationship, and something that, for a while, made it a little bit hard to love John and Emily as much as we loved Jim and Pam.

And because very, very ridiculously good-looking people have been dating other facially-blessed humans since forever, there are bound to be a few couples who you totally forgot were a thing back in the day. The pair dated for over a year and the split apparently rocked Cameron.

Jenny from the block recently got together with baseball player Alex Rodriguez from the Bronx, but remember when she was engaged to Ben Affleck? Even the relationship part," she said in a 2015 interview with Speaking of A. "When I was going through a bit of a heartbreak a little while ago, I said to a friend, 'Wow, this really hurts!

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