Reaction of dad on daughter dating

She’s definitely on her way to becoming a social media phenomenon.Her father isn’t yet featured on her Instagram, but she has posted her adorable puppy and a handful of inspirational quotes. could be following in Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin’s footsteps and getting a modeling contract soon!"The research clearly says that daddies make all the difference in the world," says Kevin Leman, national speaker and author of .

We don’t know his name or whether he is a fan of Eminem’s music, but now that Hailie Jade has some social media popularity, it might not be long before we learn more about this mystery guy!At the time of writing, her follower count shot up to 400k!That’s way too fast, for someone who only has 22 posts!He takes her hand from across the table and asks, "What flavor would you like tonight, Sugar?" Katie smiles and says, "I'll have chocolate, Daddy." More and more fathers are becoming aware of their influence and regularly dating their daughters.

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