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Why are you susceptible to forming uncertain relationships through dubious means? Best wishes, Stanton Stanton: Thanks for your comments. The reason we are even trying to struggle with these issues is because my feelings for her, and her stated feelings for me, are deep.

I have seen her evolving and emerging these last 7 months from a cocoon wherein she felt obligated to serve others and accept everything as it is with no complaints or demands for what she wants.

Sexual energy is a fine basis for generating a relationship, but it is double-edged.

Your concern because your partner expresses total commitment (evenw hile seeing others), in the aftermath of her having led (and still leading? Her feelings, and yours, can be genuinely strong, but this is not a guarantee of a healthy relationship (nor is it a guarantee of the opposite).

After writing this down, I am not sure what the right question is to ask. But is there something I can do to support her in attempting to change this behavior?As for our dubious meeting, I had to chuckle about that, and I also had to think about it.Our online relationship was platonic but changed rapidly when we met. p.s.: My comment about being scared of her had to do with something I had read at your web site about being wary of someone who places you above all else.No apparent manifestations of this secret life can be seen. I have confronted her about all this, she has no explanation, feels ashamed and dumb for her mistakes and promises it will not happen again.Unfortunately, this is the second time I have uncovered current situations like these in a period of two months.

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