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Over four days of skirmishes, the Battle of Mine Run took the lives of 1,272 U. Hundreds of spectators are gathering on the other side of the park while the reenactors treat themselves to a "tactical" — a warm-up to make-believe. You're not going to see the elephant in that." Civil War reenactors approach their hobby with the zeal of a prophet and the curiosity of an academic.

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Frustrated at the quick and aggressive positioning of the federals, the rebels call a cease fire about 20 minutes ahead of schedule. The old guys are getting out of the game and, although it's a young man's hobby, the kids aren't necessarily rushing to take their place."People realized that wasn't a good representation [of a soldier]," says Robert Lee Hadden, 62, the author of .A few groups, he says, began obsessing over details as early as the late 1960s, some of whose members turned up with original Civil War accoutrements.And yet there may be a silver lining in the hobby's decline.Those members of a group or a movement who stick through it in good times and in bad are often the most devout.

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