Resume updating tips

Maxie is a writer and speaker obsessed with giving you the tools you need to believe in yourself.She leads audiences across the world, delivering motivational messages and practical action to tens of thousands of individuals so they can go on to create extraordinary careers.* *Sponsored by Microsoft for this campaign Writing your resume and cover letter is tough enough, but formatting can be even harder.Newest versions of Acrobat Reader will allow you to copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word or Notepad if you find partial statements that you want to use in your resume.Just make sure that you don’t copy specific projects or actions that you did not perform.

At this time, we have a select number of PDF Resume Samples available.Our new templates were designed to help you get noticed and land a stellar job this summer. Just head to the Design tab of the ribbon to change the color scheme in a couple clicks.Choose the template you’d like to download and open it in Microsoft Word.Above the images there will be link to a PDF version of the resume.If you click on the PDF link, you be able to download, view or print the document.

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