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Benders to the strip club where you see your hot teacher? , Leonardo Di Caprio plays a talented basketball player who eventually falls into the world of drugs because of the messed up world around him. The final twist in the movie is what makes it a classic, though. Soccer hooliganism is basically just as much a sport as soccer is.You have two teams that face off against each other in a heated battle with one side emerging victorious.

But at least this movie showed the fun aspect of being town heroes while you're still in high school. An underrated Farrely Brothers movie, and not because of Woody Harrelson or Vanessa Angel. Give it up to Bill Murray for being one of the most awesome sports villains of all time and totally committing to the part. He's at his slimy best, and the movie is an entertaining mix of actual fights and guys taking dives.Other than the completely unbelievable thought that Rob Lowe could beat anybody up ever, it's a pretty cool ending. Even though the end with the "just float it" moment with his mom was super weak sauce, it was a fun movie to watch because it made you think about not just what it would be like to play in the major leagues, but to do it NOW!This movie deserves to make the list for no other reason than this spectacular picture of James Earl Jones looking like Debo from Friday. He used to be a football player too, in a different life.Is there anything a sports fan loves more than a good sports movie?Judging by the staggering amount of them out there, I'm inclined to say no.

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