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unfortunately, not bet .a use they wen* playing in the Santosh Trophy final.... Though the administration has initiated programmes to obliterate the differences in our society, funds are in short supply.Their main worries were the high stakes in the club transfers hack home. early that morning offi rials of different clubs | Mohun Hagan and East Bengal in the main) started visiting their recruits. At Jabalpur it appeared that the Calcutta traiisfeis was more im- portant than winning a prestigious tournament.’ fit* instructed tin* hotel author ities to send all visitors to Ids room first for screening Dutta also ordered the PHX operator to screen all telephone t alls lor players But his instruc- tions, naturally, could not prevent players from meeting whoever they wanted outside the hotel. 21 nut of 23 Bengal play ers informed the team manager that tlm would return to Calcutta on then own. Romesh Thapar outlines a strategy to escape the resources crunch.Despite the dec- lining standards of football in Calcutta, the stands are never empty Many young men stand in queues for two days at a stretch to buy tickets.On completion of the mas- sive Eden Cardens ground, matches involving the big three clubs, known as exhibition matches, were shifted from club grounds to Eden Cardens, which has a capacity of 80,000. The new Sait Lake Sta- dium was inaugurated last year. pur, the venue of the 42nd Santosh Trophy, as u well-knit combination.Coleman & Co Ltd Dr DN Road Bombay 400001 All rights rimurvud, No responsibility is accepted for returning unsolicited publication material.Regd No Mil by South 25 Krgistorad as newspaper in Sri Lanka Vol C VI/19 REPORT IN TROUBLE Raj Kumar Keswani reports on the Madhya Pradesh high court judgment indicting the Arjun Singh government J INVESTIGATION Shikha Trivedy reveals the inside story of how Snamprogetti, the Italian conglomerate, lo: the HBJ contract SPECIAL REPORT THIS MAN TRIED TO KILL RAJIV GANDHI Joel Baird reports on the trial of Gurpratap Singh Birk.Copy Desk Shemii Gandhy Chief, New* Desk Shikha Trivedv Editorial Staff Minnie Vaid-Fura Parimim Sukuniur Payal Singh Aravind Vidyadheran Meher Dutoor Special Correspondents Ivan Fura , Bombay S N M Abdi, Calcutta Vonu Menon.Trivandrum Gorrmpondaut K P Sunil, Madras Art Director Haines h Sanzgiri Design Consultant Arun Sawant Photographer S N Kulkarni Illustratora Milan Mukherjee Francis H O’Su Caricaturist Prabhakar Bhatleluir Gravure Production Manager Purnendu Sen Newa Composing Superintendent K A Niiik Kegistered Office Bennett.

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