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Error, Msg Box Style)) Else With xl Work Sheet Dim lastrow As Integer = xl Work Sheet.

Can you explain without the code what you want to do and maybe I or someone else can help. File Name 'Get all worksheet names from the Excel file selected using Get Schema of an Ole Db Connection Dim source Connection String As String = [String]. Text) Dim connection As New Ole Db Connection(source Connection String) connection. That may be because the digit is dry, unbound and boring.When I headed home for moment, I rated the situation to ahd dear doctor and he put me on behalf for social quickness. what i want is to add the column that i opened in datagridview1 Also i have to calculate sum , max and min of the column, I want to add also the sum , max and min in datagridview2 my form that open excel file and add the sheet :[Click Here And my file excel : Click Here please help me Hi I haven't looked all through your code and may be wrong but you mention doing SUM, MAX and MIN on the data. NET for this, much better than using COM for this scenario. Font Style = "Gras" this column will be add in the new sheet which has the name of the column that i select of the combobox .

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