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So without further ado, if one of my guy friends asked my advice on making a profile, here’s what I would suggest: 1. The last thing you want to do is have a girl see your picture, think your buddy next to you is really cute, and then get disappointed when she discovers it’s not his profile.

Smile in your profile picture I’ve seen quite a few profiles where the guy looks very sad, angry, or intimidating in the main picture (or sometimes all the pictures). Alternatively if she never saw your cuter buddy, she might still think you’re attractive and never experience a let down.

Personally, I’m not interested in someone that needs to be so protective of their ego.

But most girls probably don’t analyze this so deeply 🙂 5.

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Being on a dating site but putting little effort into it seems to reflect an attitude of indifference that I’m not really attracted to.

I can only respond to so many people, and actually meet with even less.

Chances are that there is a guy on the site with a comparable profile as yours, but with pictures that actually allow me to see what he looks like.

If I go out to a bar maybe one or two guys will approach me to strike up a conversation, which I’ll almost always engage in (unless they attempt some a-hole opener) because I’m a decent human being and open to engaging with other decent human beings. When I first started I wanted to respond to each person (unless they attempt some a-hole opener) because I’m a decent human being, and it seems decent to respond to another human being that reached out to you.

Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the logistics of this simply did not work out.

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