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Once you open a simple event for registration and save the event, a Registrants and invitees tab appears for your event.From this tab, you can view a list of event registrants and invitees.Doing so may encourage others to register or promote networking.If you enable this option, a Registered link will appear for the event on the event calendar and on the event details.For example, if you don't want cancellations in the week leading up to the event, you would specify 7 days.If the number of days is not specified or set to zero, then cancellations will be allowed right up to the beginning of the event. Show registrants who want to be listed Choose whether to publish a list of registrants for the event.

If the email address they provide is already in your database, they will be prompted to log in, allowing the system to retrieve their contact information.

Simple events do not allow for registration limits and cannot include multiple sessions.

If your event charges a registration fee, has a registration limit, requires additional registration information from your registrants, or spans multiple sessions, you need to set up an advanced event.

Announcements that contain the macro will appear on the Emails tab with the phrase Once an event is set up and online registration is enabled, it will appear on your event calendar page in Wild Apricot, where your visitors to your site can view the event details and register for the event.

To register for a simple event, visitors to your site can click the Register button from either the event calendar or the event details.

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