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I learned to not self-consciously shrink when I walked into a backstage room where I didn’t know anyone and found myself making small talk with people who’d been introduced to me as “This is Kelly, we slept on her floor in Milwaukee three times when we toured there.” It was breathtaking to watch from backstage the intense adoration in the people in the front rows, but actually interacting with Travis’ biggest fans was disorienting for me.I’ve grinned, tongue-tied in front of people I admired, but had never been anywhere near the other side of it.

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There is something very sweet about this devotion to the Plan’s music, but I learned this was not a place I wanted to hang out.

This was very different from just meeting Travis’ old friends, who were happy to chat with me.

When people are fans, all normal rules of polite social behavior fly out the window. ” Travis would smile and be good-humored about not remembering talking to them at the CD booth.

I appreciate and enjoy music, but have no passionate or fanatical interest in it.

I don’t hang out in rock clubs wearing leather miniskirts or do anything else featured in I started dating Travis Morrison, a computer programmer who worked at my company in early 2010.

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