Russian woman single dating mailto

Furthermore, I used the social network search tool and found other profiles; this one may seem dodgy or shady.

I will leave the links below for the hotrussianbrides profile as well as the vk profile so you can check it for yourself.

I received no answer from her through the social network and kept receiving mails from her at the online dating website, but none of them touched the subject of me having found her at the social network.

I started to think that maybe she was not using vkontakte very often.

We started our communication in January of this year and our conversation ran smoothly until last week.

I have a question, namely: if a woman has serious intentions to find a husband abroad and become mother, would she install such a picture in her profile on an International dating site like this one: I do not think so.“Even my own photos were stolen from my site and used in a scam”, says Elena.“Most men cannot tell real Russian women from fake Russian brides.These photos are suitable for erotic magazines, but not for online dating sites.As for me, such pictures provoke erotic fantasies, but not a desire to start a family and raise children.

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