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Grateful for saving his life and yearning to be like Scott, There, the X-Men were tutored by Professor X and trained in the use of their powers in the Danger Room.

As 'Iceman', Bobby learned to control his abilities in order to protect a world that feared and hated him for being different alongside Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl.

The story made its way to Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men.

Xavier sent Scott Summers (Cyclops) to recruit Bobby.

Bobby went-off to college at UCLA, where he eventually earned his CPA accreditation.

When the X-Men joined together against Mesmero and a robot Magneto, After it was revealed that Professor Xavier lied to his students, having faked his death, Bobby angrily quit the team. After witnessing the kidnapping of Gwen Stacy, Bobby briefly battled Spider-Man until they realized it was a misunderstanding.

After hearing his former teammates were in trouble, Bobby traveled to the Savage Land where he stumbled into a conflict between Sauron and Magneto. The duo rescued Robbie Robertson from corrupt politician, Sam Bullit.

I've been a super hero since before I was old enough to shave. Bobby panicked and encased Rocky in ice, saving Judy, but revealing his abilities to his peers.

A school bully named Rocky Beasely had convinced his gang to attack Bobby and Judy Harmon, his girlfriend at the time.

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