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Tolerant, sensible, measured in his judgements, a fine horseman, always willing to lend a hand to others, with an innate dignity, a good sense of humour and complete lack of pretentiousness, Garcia Rodriguez was respected by all who knew him.Moreover, he played the guitar well, performing with gusto at the reunions in which the large family revelled.” (10)“Vicenta Lorca's family was neither as numerous nor as original as her husband's.La Fuente belonged to the Duke of Wellington, a circumstance that set these people apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the plain and gave them, perhaps, through their contact with the Protestant English, a broader view of life and the world.On the other hand the locals resented the latter to a greater or lesser extent, for despite having to make only minimal payments – always in kind – to the landowner, it rankled to be tenants of a foreign nobleman, no matter how distinguished might have been the contribution of his great forebear tot he well-being of the nation.More likely, perhaps, is that his mother was from such a background, given the frequency of the surname Vargas among the Gypsies of Andalusia.It is hard to imagine, at all events, that the suspicion of having Romany blood in his veins, from whatever source and no matter how diluted, would have been a matter of indifference to the author of Gyspy Ballads.” (7)“...She was an only child, daught of Vicente Lorca Gonzalez, of Granada, and Maria de la Concepcion Romero Lucena, of Santa Fe.Vicenta's paternal grandfather, Bernardo Lorca Alcon... hailed from Totana, in Murcia, and it is not known why or when he moved to Granada, where he married a local girl, Antonia Josefa Gonzalez.

A photograph taken when he was twenty suggests a personality in which seriousness, sensitivity and determination blend smoothly...

The loss of Cuba to the United States in 1898 came as a further fillip to the Vega's economy, for it meant that the importation of cheap sugar from the island had come to an end.

The plain was booming, and by the time Lorca was born in Fuente Vaqueros in the summer of 1898, his father had become one of the wealthiest men in the village.” (6)“Lorca's paternal great-grandfather, Antonio Garcia Vargas, had been born and bred in Fuente Vaqueros where, in 1831, he married a local girl, Josefa Paula Rodriguez Cantos.

It was difficult enough to be a homosexual in that society, but Lorca's dilemma was aggravated by deep emotional conflicts which threatened at times to overwhelm him...

Several companions of the poet have recorded his disconcerning tendency suddenly to switch off in the middle of a lively conversation and to go deep within himself, his lips pursed and the light of his dark eyes temporarily extinguished.

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