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To: the children of my brother Adam Mc Kee, ” I will 0 this being the sum of his I lost during the Revolution.” Executors: “My nephews”, Robert and Thomas Witherspoon and John Shaw, brother [sic.] Witnesses: John Mc Clary, Hugh Wilson, Robert T. One of the histories of Williamsburg County shows Elizabeth Mc Clary and John White to be grandchildren of Joseph Mc Kee. In any event somebody taught Adam to write and his penmanship was so precise that we know he had a good teacher . And hath such shape and marked trees as appears by the above delineated plat. His son, Adam Mc KEE was in 0ld 96 District by 1777 when he was recorded as being on jury duty. (married Eleanor Breckenridge), Jean (married a Lindsay), Eliezer, John (married Margaret Cunningham), Mary, and William Seth (married Mary Freeman Mc Kay). Indians came down the trail to purchase hatchets, guns and trinkets from merchants in Charles Town.Joseph Mc Kee died 31 March 1810, age 77 Ann Mc Kee, his 2nd widow, died 29 Dec. The SC Land Plats show Adam Mc Kie, Sr., took land in 96 District in 1774. The will of Adam Mc Kee [sic.], Abbeville District, was signed 13 July 1805; probated 5 Jan. It may well be that the teacher was Archibald’s second wife who would have been Adam & Joseph’s stepmother during years when penmanship skills were being sharpened === I am disrecarding LDS and other sites/postings showing an Archibald Mc Kee JUNIOR stemming from the supposed earlier marriage of Joseph Mc Kee’s wife Ann Witherspoon. , Williamsburg, South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. A few bold traders ventured up the trail to the Indian villages.

Archibald Mc Kee and wife, Elizabeth, a deed to Mark Prince, signed 23 March 1846, tract of land containing 100 acres originally granted William Mc Kee, being part of said tract lying in Anderson District bound on North by William A. Among the earliest Williamsburg County settlers arriving from Ulster were the Witherspoons and not far behind them came our ancester Archibald Mc Kee . However, he was the only ARCHIBALD Mc KEE on the entire IGI for Ireland; Irish research indicated Archibald was a very rare name among Mc KEEs; yet the name was passed along in three Mc KEE families of settlers in SC (all with distinct possibilities of being related to each other). A rebuttable assumption is that ARCHIBALD & JANE had a son (“Jr”) born 1708-11 not reflected by the IGI. Britain) and other circumstances provide a rather good fit. We can establish that he married a woman born in 1707 so its extremely unlikely he was born very much later than that. Presumably he would have been baptised during a period for which there is a gap in records for that parish. He was not among the first wave of Kingstree settlers which included the Witherspoon’s & David Wilson but likely arrived in the 2nd or 3rd wave during the next few years. However the naming tradition, absence of any other Archibald Mc Kee among contemporary church records (anywhere in Gr. From son Joseph’s Patriot Record we know Archibald was old enough to have children by 1732 and almost certainly earlier.. , age 77 (born 1732/3) Ann Mc Kee d , aged 37 (born 1741) Adam was mentioned before Joseph on Archibald’s will and was apparantly his oldest son. 1708 between the date of Archibald Sr’s marriage to Jane Bell and the recorded baptisms of children from that marriage.While visiting Ireland, a fellow researcher did a lot of research on the early Mc Kee’s. Note: There is a lot of confusion about which Mc Kee married which Witherspoon and all of their children. Trustees named as Robert Wilson and Robert Witherspoon. After the death of his 2nd wife, Archibald Mc Kee Married 3-Elizabeth _______. 295) showing: ARCHIBALD Mc KEE, his mark, Prince Fredericks Parish, Craven Co., SC; One third of estate to wife ELIZABETH Residue of estate to five children: ADAM JOSEPH MARTHA COOPER JANE MILLER ARCHIBALD KNOX Also mentions wife;s daughters JANE WITHERSPOON MARG. Later the territory would be split into North and South Carolina.She passed the information on to Wayne Adams and myself. There are notices of Archibald Mc Kee being married to 2-3 different Witherspoon women. There is also confusion concerning which set of children goes with which family. They had four sons, James, Gavin, Robert, and John; and one daughter, Ann, who married Archibald Mc Kee. Witnesses: Joseph Mickie, Mary Dick and John Leviston, J. Archibald Mc Kee, Williamsburg Township, Prince Frederick Parrish, Craven County, signed will 3 Oct. “What I give to her is to pass to her three daughters by her former husband, viz: Elizabeth O’Brien, Margaret O’Brien, and Jane Witherspoon.” To my children, each 1/5th of my Estate: Martha Cooper; Adam Mc Kee; Joseph Mc Kee; Jane, wife of William Miller; _______ Knox, wife of Samuel Knox “her share to her son, Archibald Knox.” Executors: wife, Elizabeth; son, Joseph Mc Kee with James Fleming, Esquire [Charleston County 18-241]. & ELIZABETH O’BRIEN Son-in-law WILLIAM MILLER d P/R nd, p241 Sandra Mc Kee got a copy of the will. The background was light gray with handwriting not completely clear — readable but not clear. The remainder of his estate was to his five children. Colonization began about seven years after the grant led by Anthony Ashley-Cooper who became the Earl of Shaftesbury.

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