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Some fans think it doesn't have to be Scott in the picture, but it's Scott. Before observing how prissy Scott has become compared to the olden days whoring himself out for the sham, a question must be turned over to all observers - WTF with the feet? They certainly were committed to making us believe back then. Moirville will live and die to prove their "rights" to do what they did to and with fans. Wouldn't it look odd if Kaitlyn and Andrew came clean (or at least didn't deny) about being a couple after all the nonsense from Scott and Tessa?

Cassandra, like his prior girlfriend (Jessica, the one he almost married) really really really likes to pretend your mommy doesn't exist. Like the other girlfriend, she seems to really love her job. But these days Scott prefers twitter to tell rather than show, and he apparently sees distinctions between what's appropriate when you're committed, engaged, in love and planning a family in the near future and what's appropriate when you're actually married and the child is here. But fans are supposed to lie down and be rolled over, after they've pulled out their wallets? For years now they or something has had the power to make Scott treat himself with disrespect. That won't change in the upcoming season; Benoit Lavoie has hired on a Canadian Tire marketing dude as CEO (to be fair, how many Wharton graduates were chafing at the bit for the job? But Skate Canada doesn't want to throw under the bus.

The media is not really allowed to acknowledge that Virtue and Moir were perfect in Sochi, but they were. I don't think there are any other figure skaters as absolutely purpose-built for that level of competition. (It's not noted as much that Tessa sang with him in the Pyeongchang fd, but she did.) It's heartbreaking in a way that the most extraordinary ice dancers in history competed at a time when being good at skating was actively discouraged by the sport, where it was considered problematic, where everything on earth was done to artificially level the playing field to the point of humiliation.

You know the old bit about Winston Churchill (think it was him) telling some lady "we're just negotiating price" when she was offended at being thought a lady pro, but had no problem hooking up for a million or so. They've lied, they've fucked fans over, they've run a scam and a hoax, and they continue to be mightily pissed fans are uppity enough to push back. I wonder if he's stocked SC with empty suits like Wilkes and Thompson (Dan), so SC will have nobody with the weight and savvy to challenge what the ISU is doing with DW vis a vis VM?

Never lacking ambition, Cassandra began investing in real estate at the age of 20.

When she’s not aiding in changing the lives of patients by improving their overall health and smiles, Cassandra focuses on building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through positive mental, physical and spiritual practice.

From a 2007 interview with, we know they dated (past tense!

) when they were younger: Amille (USA): You have such chemistry in the ice!

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