Scruffs gay dating

Related: Good guys of medical science combatting cognitive decline A new version of the app has a travel component in which you can find a city’s “ambassador” when visiting.

These people are volunteers within the community who will guide newcomers to the town to the best places and activities.

“No-one knew what Scruff was; people laughed in my face. So those were tough times and its scary to just put yourself out there. I love the gay community and I’m not afraid to face them.

They’d point at me and go ‘what’s that, what’s Scruff? So I really branded myself and made a name for myself, literally.

Scruff is the brainchild of Skandros and co-founder Eric Silverberg.

Witnessing the success of Grindr that launched a year earlier, they wanted to create their own unique take on the gay dating app.

“I was at the airport once and one of the guys who was working on security called me across and said ‘hey, because of your app my boyfriend cheated on me. Reasonably, Skandros suggests that it wasn’t really the app’s fault that this unnamed airport worker’s boyfriend cheated on him.

And this unfortunate encounter is very much the exception as the vast majority of people have a positive experience using the site.

But although there is a small nucleus of staff in New York, the remote aspect of the structure remains somewhat intact.The three of them moved back to their respective parents’ places for around a year as the app was finding its feet and still pre-profit.When the app did start making money they were all able to move back to New York, where they’d met, and form a more solid base of operations.A couple of Scruff events in London and Paris later, including some superstar DJs and a whole lot of new friends, and the team are back to New York to continue building the company and developing the app.One of those newer developments is the Benevol Ads programme, giving away free advertising space for non-profit organisations that benefit the gay community; including AIDS charities and sports teams.

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