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And to have a wide userbase, they need straight people.And once straight people become their majority market, the app becomes myopically geared towards straight people, thereby diluting its usefulness to the people who arguably have a greater need for it in the first place.There's still one glaring area of OKCupid's pro-queer/gender options cause in which it continues to suck: the "seeking" portion, which is arguably the entire point.The options for "I'm looking for" are still limited to "women," "men," and "everybody." Shit's not helpful when I'm looking for a FAAB transmasculine cutie to smooch and/or fix my broken dresser drawer.Even gay-geared apps, in the hopes of finding success like heavy hitters Match and OKCupid, design their gender and sexuality options to mimic their straight counterparts.What's the point of catering to niche markets if you're not even going to bother researching their actual needs?

Match is like the network TV of dating apps: it's really big (5 million downloads on Google Play alone), really well-funded, and madly swarming with normcore people of privilege. It's impossible to root for an app like this because it already has everything going for it; there's nothing remotely unique to champion here.In other words, if you identify as queer, don't waste your data plan surfing Match.OKCupid has a little more grit, and caters much more effortlessly to a younger audience.Gone are the days of skimming for the obligatory "*queer not bi...**sexual anarchist not queer" footnotes in the profiles of folks who couldn't be summed up by the app's surprisingly limited self-identifiers, given its millennial-heavy user base.But don't get too trigger-happy deleting that tedious paragraph where you're forced to queersplain what a special snowflake you are.

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