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Since we never eat out, I realize my protestations are a bit superfluous.But if you do typically eat out, you could not pick a more horrendous night to be in a restaurant (unless you happen to work at one, in which case I imagine the tips are fabulous).So if you’re not going to celebrate Valen-day, how do you foster a strong marriage?

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to do a frugal analysis of this most oddly consumeristic of holidays.

One of our core frugal weirdo tactics is figuring out when all the normal, spendy people are doing something and then doing the exact opposite. FW) dined out on the societally prescribed day of romance was the very nature of our relationship.

We don’t fly at Christmastime, we travel abroad over Thanksgiving, and we certainly don’t observe Valentine’s Day on 2/14. It was nascent, immature (just like us), and not yet on solid footing.

Below are the steps we take anytime we feel disconnected, have had an argument, or its been awhile since we truly checked-in with each other.

Following this roadmap helps us move past our anger/frustration and instead isolate what’s legitimately bothering us and collaborate on next steps.

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