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Symantec/Norton should look into it as the version I got on 8th (both) are never even mentioned on the site in the release history : https:// In our PCs here we have 2 folders in IPSDefs, viz., 20170408.002 & 20170408.004 and the site shows as : 12/4/17 Security Update 1791 20170411.001 11/4/17 Security Update 1790 20170410.001 8/4/17 Security Update 1789 20170408.001 7/4/17 Security Update 1788 20170407.001 I am seeing the same on NSBU. I remember seeing a Norton site with all the definitions and they would start every day with .001 and each update changed the last digits for that day.They would not release each update but would test them and eventually pick the one to release.If the script fails to connect to a machine it will return:"WMI connection to the target machine failed.The machine may be offline or firewalled." The script pulls the following information from the target machine and outputs it to a CSV file:"Computer Name", "Symantec Endpoint Protection Version", "AV Definition Version", "AV Definition Date", and "Status" Possible Operations Monitor results include:"WMI connection to the target machine failed.

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The script will output the information to a CSV file.Note: If the vendor or trusted site's files are also older than 7 days and match the date of the signature files on the machine, this is not a finding.On the client machine, locate the Symantec Endpoint Protection icon in the system tray.Script Version: Type: Any Technical Description: This script uses WMI to connect to the target machine's registry and identify the target OS.The script then retrieves information from the target system's registry about Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP). The script returns this information in a CSV output file.

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