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YES OB has not caused a reaction and feels like silk, I feel more womanly thanks to this. ""I phoned up and spoke to an adviser after my GP wanted to put me on Vagifem, but I didn't want hormone replacement.

""So friendly and positive, discovering this product and your company has cheered me up no end. The adviser was so helpful and sent me some samples. ""I struggled with painful sex as soon as my hot flushes started some 10 years ago.

Carl soon realizes that this evildoer is his childhood idol.

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The movie is not just hilarious, it's emotional and sad at times.

I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that.

VM has made my daily life comfortable and pain free.

Carl's house starts flying at the moment when he releases the balloons from the chimney; assuming that all balloons were already inflated and stored inside the house, this should have made the house float hours before already, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the house.

However, it appears the balloons were in a giant sack in the backyard, and could have either been tethered down securely, or compressed to reduce lift. Got to see this at the Cannes Film Festival in France (went on a trip with my family) and Pixar gives us another instant classic: Up.

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