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The seminars will take place at the Kurt Löwenstein Education Centre (KLH), in Werfpfuhl, near Berlin.

The KLH is one of the international education centres run by our member organisation in Germany, SJD-Die Falken.

This will be an advanced level seminar where participants will reflect on sex education and inclusion from a structural based approach and with a reflection on oppression and discrimination.

Participants will focus particularly on marginalised identities and how they are excluded or erased in mainstream sex education.

The aim of this seminar is to explore sex education in relation to the participants’ own experiences of their identity, bodies, gender and sexuality and analyse how society shapes these identities.

This will be a beginner level seminar where participants will reflect on their own experiences with sex education and their own identities in terms of gender, sex and bodies.

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The Lets Talk About Sex parallel seminars will now take place at the Kinderfreunde Falkencamp Döbriach, Austria, on 20-. During this week, 40 young people will come together in two parallel seminars as part of our Let's Talk About Sex project (you can find out more about the project here).

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If a single is going to kiss at all while dating , they need to decide how much kissing they are going to involve themselves in.

This seminar will involve a lot of personal reflection, exploration of your own identities and sharing of experiences.

The participants will engage in a dynamic and inclusive non-formal education programme, looking at the topics of identities and how they are constructed, bodies, body positivity, sex versus gender, our perceptions of sex and a critical look at sex education.

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