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At its center, a hulking building that once housed the company store, a barber shop and doctor’s office.

This shuttered hub of the town is now a patchwork of discarded junk, boarded up windows and tattered tin signs.

In 1947, during the heart of school segregation, black families in the county pushed for a school bus for their children but were denied. Board of Education Supreme Court case ruling in 1954, which ended segregation in public schools across the U. That spring, police details of Stinney’s alleged confession were swiftly routed to the governor’s office in Columbia. Olin Johnston, he responded with the graphic details relayed to him: “Stinney killed the smaller girl to rape the larger one.

Then he killed the larger girl and raped her dead body.

The bodies of the two were found the next day partly submerged in a drainage ditch, both suffering fatal, crushing blows to their skulls.

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Undated mug shots from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History show George Stinney, 14, who was the youngest person ever executed in that state, in 1944. Little transition is left between its remaining Victorian mansions lining Main Street and the decrepit mill houses nearly swallowed whole by weeds and time.Lonnie Randolph, president of the South Carolina state conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.As a boy, he watched his grandmother sit in the back of city buses and his father — a World War II veteran — sit in segregated waiting rooms at the Veterans Administration hospital.But first, the defense must establish standing with the court, proving there is enough at stake to take the case forward to trial.A copy of a photo that ran June 8, 1944, in The Columba (S.

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