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This caused two windows in the second floor of the main house to be closed. Beyond the house, surrounded by a stone wall, is a small cemetery with many gravestones still standing.The earliest marker bears a date of 1797, and burials continued into the 20 century.A little west on Valley Road and about a half mile south of Garrett’s Mill, a black three-board fence edges the perimeter of a farm.On a level spot at the foot of Elk Ridge rests Magnolia Plantation, a yellow-painted brick home, two stories, five bays, surrounded by 132 acres of rolling land that meet Harper’s Ferry National Monument on the southwest.Henry married Sarah and fathered seven sons, one of whom was Thomas Boteler, a man who acquired large western Maryland land holdings in the 18 century on parts of tracts called Keep Trieste and King Cole.Boteler died in 1834, and Magnolia Plantation remained in the Boteler family until 1853, when the farm with its 189 acres was sold to a neighboring property owner Christian Barr for ,630.Behind the main block of the house is the summer kitchen, a long room that was originally a one-story wing.

Also Read: ' Mary Poppins Returns': First Teaser Is Mainly a Floating Kite (Video) Marc Forster directed the film from a screenplay by Alex Ross Perry and Allison Schroeder. Now that Disney has announced plans not to renew its distribution agreement with Netflix after 2019, its beloved movies will soon no longer be available to stream during your binge-watching nights (although Marvel and Lucasfilm hits may still survive the cut).The tread of the first step, which holds the base of the newel, is shaped to reflect the curve of the volute above, with a deep arc cut out of the back of step.A finger rail on the stair wall reflects the handrail and chair rails throughout.The property suffered a period of neglect, and the present owner Norman Singer has sought to stem the damage.He built the three-board fence around the fields, planted the young magnolias at the entrance, removed the fake stone asphalt siding, painted the house and placed I-beams in the basement to carry the structure and remove the severe sag in the upper floors.

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