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You can't simply run the model once and say the answer is 10.5 minutes.If the model you've built is realistic, the answer may be 8 minutes on a really good day and 20 minutes on a horrible day.

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Finally, you'll reach a point at which your simulation's output shows unsatisfactory results, but both the model and your programming of the model are correct.We can't include every last system detail in a model. So, through a process of abstraction, we select those details that are most critical to characterizing the operation of the system. We must validate the model to assure that it properly represents our system.The degree of detail required in a model depends on the nature of the system.This is where simulation languages, such as SLX and GPSS/H have a distinct advantage over point-and-click, graphically-based simulation packages.A simulation tool that provides 20 kinds of conveyor belts may be of little use to you if what you have is the 21 type yourself.

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