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In-person sales of firearms and weapons are not prohibited.” Author’s note (again): I replied to the second email and explained how firearms purchases work, letting Intuit know all buyers must complete a 4473 and pass a background check and firearms are NOT simply shipped to a private residence, only to FFLs.

Gunsite already tried to explain this process to an employee at Intuit but I thought I would try one more time.

This, the Quick Books rep said, meant sales weren’t face-to-face and “kids could buy them.” Gunsite took the time to patiently, politely educate the rep on how FFLs work and explain the laws and processes of firearm sales.

Once the process and regulations were laid out, the rep backpedaled, saying now that they understood the procedure, it was alright after all and business could continue. At first blush this was frustrating news, but Gunsite figured it could be handled.

A couple of months ago Gunsite decided to make a change to a new credit card processor, Quick Books.

It seemed to be a wise business choice at the time and may have been, had Intuit not chosen to go the way they did.

Gunsite is now investing countless hours of time trying to track down purchasers and explain the situation so credit cards can be processed all over again.

Intuit’s financial reach includes Turbo Tax, Mint, Quick Books Self-Employed, Quick Books, and a variety of payroll and credit card processing services, so you may be doing business with them and not even know it.

The issue is their refusal to release our funds to us.” Gunsite Academy is one of, if not the most respected firearms training academies in the country.

If you’ve attended a class there, you know safety is their number one priority, which lends more than a slight a shade of irony to the situation.

There’s been yet another incident of ignorance merging with a desire to undermine our Second Amendment rights resulting in financial attack on a prominent industry company.

This time it’s one I consider the equivalent of church for gun owners: Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. Jeff Cooper in 1976 under the name American Pistol Institute, has found itself on the receiving end of anti-2A rhetoric last week from none other than Intuit, Inc., owner of Quick Books small business accounting and management software.

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