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Coincidentally, what also kicked in at this time was the aforementioned spiral.The fifteen minutes quickly extended to another thirty minutes when she dropped me off at my house, then another thirty minutes while eating dinner, another hour while something like Finding Bigfoot played on TV, you get the idea."I bet I could get more matches than you," I said, because I'm annoying, and this is the type of thing I say. I challenge you to a duel except on our phones because that's what this is about (phones) and you're trying to write relatable content for Her Campus involving phones (phones)," she didn't say, because I'm writing about this conversation a month after it happened and its specifics are lost to the void inside my brain.Regardless, she did agree, and we spent the next fifteen minutes furiously swiping as we waited for her car's heater to kick in.I don't necessarily shut them out, but I burn through them quickly and have trouble processing them.I definitely have an inclination for theatrics, but the truth is, my main emotion is usually just comfortably placid.

Instead, here's a fun #Not Clickbait creepshot my friend took of me meeting a Tinder boy in person. She likes taking her one-a-day vitamins and having existential crises on her bedroom floor, usually about the inevitable robot alien invasion.It didn't stop some couples from getting married, or prevent some women from being murdered. I don't know if I have any grand conclusions to make from this.I don't even entirely know my opinion on Tinder or similar apps.With that said, there were people that I spoke to off of Tinder that made that baseline shift to uncomfortable.Not necessarily in a bad way, just different than what I'm used to.

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