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Being an intelligence researcher, Jack knew the limitations of field agents and double agents, and predicting the next winner of the Eurovision Song Contest was not amongst the attributes of any spy he ever knew of. The fact that the Magestic letters had been assigned to him was a great honour for Jack, his career not quite working out as anticipated in his youth. 'PCD' I repeated in my mind: Personal Communications Device. credibility, built up over twenty years or more.' I lowered my head to the letters, suddenly realising where this was going. My first lion family was a joy; we could not have been more than twenty yards from mum and cubs at one point.

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We hadn't yet opted for pink shirts, and I definitely couldn't afford a mobile phone. Back at the lodge we nagged the staff to join us at the veranda bar and Jimmy bought everyone way too many drinks, soon a round of German songs filling the night air, some quite rude, followed by the black driver singing a local lament about a boy who lost his goat. It's two hundred K.' I took in the layout, that which I could see. ' 'Long old way, almost half a mile in both directions. My contact details are on the proposal.' Oliver followed us up, Jimmy shaking his hand. Irate, Jimmy explained, 'I know every band that's going to be a success, dumb fuck.' 'Oh ... 'Fucking Batman never had this much trouble with Robin.' Would you kill Hitler as a child? Jimmy knocked and entered, the two of us stepping into a cramped and untidy office. ' I asked a bored looking middle-aged woman, Jimmy shooting me a look. ' Jimmy asked, the rest of the young staff now attentive to the two stuffed suits in their midst. twenty five.' I made that two hundred quid a throw. If I'm satisfied with your progress I'll double the amount next year.' Timms read the cheque with an expression, as if it might be a fake. 'I went to Kingston Polytechnic myself.' 'Errrr, ' she let out with a pulled face. 'Should have told her you were a millionaire, might have worked better. 'We're not in First Class, ' Jimmy pointed out as he stood waiting. Jimmy started on his newspaper as we pulled out, the train almost empty. 'Going the wrong way, ' Jimmy quietly stated without taking his gaze off his paper. Jimmy looked up, issuing a sigh after studying the platform, alone with his own thoughts. After paying the cabbie Jimmy approached a photographer. This is where our taxes went, I considered as we stepped down a flight of steps and into a reception area. Poor bugger had to hold a finger to the digits to work them out. 'Take that lot down to the garage, ask the doorman to bin it all and slip him a few quid.' We put the tapes that we had selected - that Jimmy knew would be hits - into a big envelope and couriered them back to Pineapple. 'Two will be big, one will be a one hit wonder, like a lot of artists.

Our friend uses the train a lot, a commuter like myself. Note: look for big, consistent winners at the races - stock markets maybe. three IRA attacks, one faulty ship – which sank unfortunately, one spy escaping the safe house a day early, a rail crash averted – but disputed, an aircraft with a faulty fuel line – gratefully found in time, Reagan's win at the polls, an attempt on our Ambassador in Angola – averted, the Eurovision Song Contest winner – just to make a point, the Iran-Contra affair... got the idea I rang a good friend in the London CIA section, the researcher I'm supposed to co-operate with on the psychology of the Russian leadership -' 'Yes, yes, ' the P. And talk about city traders, I was one for a whole six months before starting to work for Jimmy Silo. Actually, it was how he recruited me, and not for the first time. I took a breath, a quick glance at the wall and the photographs of my kids and ex-wife. and my friend.' I caught my own image in the desk mirror; seventy years old going on twenty-five. ' 'Something along those lines.' This was now a different ball game, a very different ball game. In fact, just about the only decent friend I had ever had. I could be a dangerous alien for all you know, ' he toyed. Fair to say we got the run of the place after that.

Hell, I may have even sat opposite him, and I'm sure by the tone that it is a him. ' A thought surfaced, Jack's features hardening quickly. Donohue, fetch him as well.' When the officers had assembled in Cabinet Office Briefing Room 'A', COBRA, the Prime Minister stepped purposefully in and sat quickly, placing down her handbag. 'Kids', I repeated in my mind, they were now parents themselves. At least I appeared twenty-five on the surface, thanks to the genetically modified stem cells floating about my system, hunting earnestly for something to repair and rejuvenate. When I had come up in the lift I figured he was some sort of clairvoyant, and that he used his gift to trade the markets. Finally, Jimmy said, 'Of course, if you expose me ... And I certainly could not help your mum and others.' He opened two cans and poured me a lager, which I needed. A teenage girl with a lopsided hat and cute smile took me to one side and sat me down against a wall, re-appearing with a bottle of milk and a bundle of blankets.

But, thanks to my mentor I, and everyone else on the planet, had the chance of eternal youth, a subject of much debate amongst many groups, some of whom wanted me dead. With England playing in the World Cup, and tonight's match against Argentina of all countries, we were well geared up; Chinese take-away, cans of lager, ice cream slowly defrosting and some popcorn for later. All we needed was a pair of lap-dancers for half time and life would have been perfect. Second time around I stroked its chin and head and it seemed to like that more than my meal. A fully-grown lion caused me to stand and look worried, Jimmy grinning at my discomfort.

Jimmy had joined Mc Kinleys Stock Brokers almost a month ago now and had noticed my advert for a lodger. 'Not to worry, ' the teenage girl told me in her accented voice, sounding like the South Africans I had seen on the TV.

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