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He’s a bad enough candidate for anesthesia that they hesitated to put him under for his teeth cleaning last time; I won’t put him through surgery or chemo at his age.

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Gollum was always a fat cat but started losing weight drastically last year, along with patches of fur.Why do we want to believe the excuses a partner makes when they’re treating us badly? Especially when we’re looking for something — anything — to help make sense of how the person we care for is acting toward us.It’s normal to want to rationalize what’s going on, because abuse is pretty irrational.There were three kittens- one orange tabby, one black and white, and one all black.My ex gloated for weeks that he had predicted Gollum’s existence, while I tried not to bond with the orange tabby that immediately cleaved to me. Gollum didn’t like loud noises or loud people and would hide in the closet he was born in whenever my ex’s band would practice in our basement.

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