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If we ever get back to Barcelona I will definitely use Barcelona Dreaming to guide us through that beautiful country and, of course, I will ask for you” “Just a few lines to let you know that the tour on Sept 10 was very interesting and “Adi” your tour guide was very knowledgeable and responsive. These folks made us feel like “natives” of the City and we want to come back and spend more time with them. To me time with Barcelona Dreaming is Time well spent.” “We were on the cruise ship for 13 days after it left Barcelona. Adi was great and we got a lot of information and sense of our Jewish root in Barcelona. Thank you” “I just want to thank you for a truly interesting tour.The personal flavor of the walking tour was just great, and I really got to appreciate what a beautiful city Barcelona is – I have no doubt I got to see a side of Barcelona I would not have seen otherwise, and from a Jewish perspective, the tour of the Jewish quarter was just so informative.

But when a family makes a shocking discovery, we are taken back in time to a group of young boys in Poland in 1939 - their only chance of survival fleeing on the Kinder transport.

Your charming personality and humor was most certainly welcomed! He was so Informative, and friendly and has a great sense of humor!

If you ever venture to the left side of the US, please give me a heads up as I would love to share Santa Barbara with you. We enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely do a review on Trip Advisor.

We saw many remnants and pieces of history that we would have never known existed in this area. When they cancelled out, Barcelona Dreaming arranged to include us with two others to form a small walking tour.

The tour was supposed to be 2 hours, but our guide Adi Mahler did not rush us and with all the information and stories about each site, it ran almost 3 hours.

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