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As we live and thrive in a world in which self-obsession is valued instead of demonized, doesn't it seem rational we would be attracted to our non-related twin?The Siblings Or Dating Tumblr shows gay and straight couples who also look decidedly similar.A couple of years ago, a dating website even used a facial recognition software to identify potential partners based on physical similarities. In an attempt to complete oneself by recreating unconscious parent relationship traumas in one’s childhood, people are drawn to those who look (and act) like their mothers or fathers (“Oedipus complex”).

Photos by Othello Grey Print Design by Dani Roche Creative Direction by Bianca Venerayan Video by Krizia Victoria Production Assistance by Daniel Morales Featuring: Silv & Stefany, Myles & Percy, David and Tea, Bianca & Justin, and Alex & Lisa.

This site shows it isn't just gay couples who are taking narcissism to the next level, but all couples.

If you're dating yourself, you're dating someone worthy of you.

That was until strangers at parties and salespeople in retail stores started mistaking us for siblings. Incest aside, homogamy is actually pretty prominent in the animal world and begs to question whether or not it applies to humans.

Buzzfeed, Siblings or Dating and the viral Tumblr blog Boyfriend Twin have covered the phenomenon.

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