Simon cowell and kara dating

“Nobody else is involved, certainly not on Simon’s side.” [From People] It takes a lot to change a guy who’s set in his ways and Cowell just isn’t the type who is going to wake up one day and realize he wants kids.

Luckily they have friends like Ellen and Elton to show them the way out.Seymour, 34, first met Cowell, 48, when she was 18, but the couple didn’t begin dating until she interviewed him for a show in 2002.“In the past Terri has said that she wants kids but that just isn’t Simon,” added Clifford.Fast forward to the fall and Seymour seems to have realized that if she wants a family she’ll have find a man who’s up for it.Cowell’s rep confirmed to People Magazine that his client was dumped by Seymour over the phone about six weeks ago and that the issue of whether to have a family was what drove them apart: Simon Cowell and longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour have split, Cowell’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

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