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Sophos Central looks through the policies from the top down and applies the first policy it finds that applies to those users or devices.The Base Policy is always at the bottom, and is applied to any users, devices or servers that aren’t covered by policies higher in the list.A computer has started installation of the agent software but has not become protected for one hour.The installer that has been run on the affected computer may provide more information about the reason of the failure.Although an update does not need to be performed immediately, it is advisable to perform it as soon as possible.A device may not comply with a policy for various reasons, for example because the settings have been changed on the device itself.Enable Scheduled Updates and select the day and time when you want product updates to become available.Remember that if computers aren’t on, they won’t get the update until the next time they start.

If you want to use different settings for different groups, you can create additional policies.

The Base policy is always available and is used if you don't have other policies activated.

You can choose whether to set up your own policies or not.

A policy is a set of options that Sophos Central applies to protected users, devices or servers. Sophos provides this policy and initially it applies to all users (and devices) or all servers.

There is a policy for each product, or for a feature that’s part of a product (for example, there is a policy for the application control feature). For some features, like threat protection, Sophos configures the Base policy with the best practice settings. For other features, like application control or peripheral control, which are more specific to your network, you must edit the policy to set up the feature.

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