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I had a great relationship with him and ended up telling him everything. Then said, "On your knee's and undo my pants." I would have thought she would have been appalled or unwilling but she obeyed. Blowjobs only happened maybe once a month and never lasted long. She could never deep throat me, or never tried to deep throat me. As she was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth faster, I took her hands off my cock. It was such a turn on but thoughts of punishing her kept coming to my mind. Leslie kept sucking me hard and I gave her no warning. Her instant reaction was to pull away but I had a hand on the back of her head. I dumped my load into her, not even letting her breath. I beat myself up at the fact that I should have been doing this sooner with her. Both cheeks were bright red and my dick was throbbing. My tip touched her lips and then I slammed into her balls deep. Leslie was coming off her orgasm when I let a ball of saliva fall from my mouth and land right on her asshole. After telling my boss my situation he understood all to well. I was going to treat her like the slut that she is. She undid my pants and pulled my semi-erect cock out. I am well above normal with an erection just over nine inches. I place one of my hands on the back of her head and helped her along. I liked seeing her struggle but oddly she seemed to like it too. I continued to fuck her as I brought my hand to her ass.

I parked down from my house and thought for a few minutes. I started to look back at my relationships with both of them recently. I went into his office to give him my three-week notice. I brought Leslie to her feet and pushed her on the couch. I started soft, since it was a first for me but then increased the pressure. Just play with it to cause her some pain and discomfort. Then I sped up again and made tiny fucking motions with my thumb. It really turned me on but angered me at the same time. Half an hour later Leslie appeared in the door, showered and clean. Leslie disappeared in a bathroom and I went and lay on our bed. I had also been secretly saving money for a down payment for a house. I tiptoed to the door that was cracked open to see my wife's beautiful body bouncing on my best friend. If it weren't the two people I was closest to, the scene would have been hot, however there was no pleasure in any of it. Hell, I had to question if it really was a work trip. We were not close growing up but once adults are relationship became very strong. I had some big deals come through at work and receive huge bonuses. I was going surprise her by house hunting and then with the extra funds a trip. Anger surged and I as thoughts of finding a baseball bat flooded my mind. I told her everything and she would be the perfect person to have around when my plan came to a close. She was receiving far too much pleasure and I felt obligated to give her pain. She was a completely different person then the girl I married.

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