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Of these 28 a large number found their way to a variety of operators, dealers and dismantlers in south Wales during the period immediately after their work in west Wales would have finished. Henceforth, new vehicles would be numbered as part of the T&D fleet but with a W prefix, and all vehicles would be in T&D livery I have no idea what Wakefields livery was Wakefields had several joint operations with T&D, and initially the idea was to transfer all service operations to T&D, but retain the Wakefields name for Excursions and Private Hire work, however, the fly in the ointment was on some routes a third party was involved, and Wakefields licences on those routes would have to be surrendered and re-applied for, so the name was retained.

My question is; Do any OBP contributors have any details of the the contracts taken on by Contract Bus Services in that time frame, say late 1958 to late 1960? R (London North Easter Railway Company) They bought out Archer Brothers in 1929. As far as I am Aware, Percy Main Depot opened in 1925, or there abouts.

) Bingham was mainly served by the frequent Trent route 79A from Nottingham together the less frequent 79 Nottingham – Grantham service, which was jointly operated with Lincolnshire Road Car, who used the route no. Trent also ran an occasional route 82 to East Brdigford.

There was a fairly frequent Bingham – Melton Mowbray service by Bartons (route 27).

The history of this vehicle has been gleaned from the Bristol Vehicles Website, https:// According to Gerry Tormey’s website (Bristol SU) chassis JO5G 233 was originally a Westcliff on Sea single deck bus with B36R body registered JN 7500.

Nowadays, of course, the original registration would have been regarded as a cherished plate – how fashions change.

Around 820 J type chassis were built up to 1937 when the L type took over in production.

After the merger of Trent and Midland General he managed to make a sizeable fleet reduction using this exercise.

His piece-de-resistance was a service from Nottingham to Clay Cross which was tantamount to going to the moon and back! The Traffic Manager at the time ( Bill Gunning ) was a dab hand at linking services together to make round trips of a multiple of 60 minutes to reduce downtime at termini.

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