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Favorite: Ch Sheron’s Kahlua and Cream Other breeds: American Staffordshire Terriers, Whippets 2. Clare Lincoln, Louise Van Alstyne, Lisa De Roulet 4. Lack of soundness, lack of underjaw, too much length of loin and back Back 1. Solid breed type; healthy/sound construction; Apollo with a correct head, neck, topline; move correctly; balance and correct proportion 5. We did not run the generator during this part of the trip (thanks to our solar and lithium technology upgrades).

The V10 is a brute and on anything near this length RV, MPG is fairly insensitive to tow or no tow.

I did run the generator for a few hours during this time (I had to test it to make sure it worked) but I have not notated the hours or adjusted for the fuel used, I’m assuming it’s only a teeny fraction of a gallon difference for the overall MPG.

05/21/2015 – 06/12/2015 Our dash AC stopped working so we didn’t use it all during this trip.

04/28/2015 – 05/19/2015 It was warm enough we had to run the dash AC a bit, but not too much.

We climbed several hills en-route and we battled some strong crosswinds through most of the Midwest.

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