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The race was on, go higher, faster, push the limits. When not earning a living training folks how to better lead change in the corporate world, he can be found teaching fledgling pilots to get their wings. By Ben Train For thousands of years human beings have practiced magic, and over time those practices have changed dramatically; from religious ceremonies to big stage shows in Vegas.

After hundreds of years of development, we got this! With a passion for building he is currently working on his second amateur build motor-glider project. What hasn’t changed though is the fundamental reliance on secrecy that’s used to hide the principles and methodology that make the illusions possible.

Sharing travel experiences, adventures and bucket-list items make for the perfect icebreaker.

At this event, we will each share our dream destination with that ‘special someone’ and then, let it go into the universe.

Some of us straight identify, some of us are bi, some of us are queer and some of us are questioning.

Much like a tapas restaurant lets you sample many items on the menu without having to commit to just one plate, our team wanted a shot at love (or other types of relationships) without having to spend an entire date with someone just because they ticked our theoretical compatibility boxes… They say "If you never try, you'll never know" - and we all wanted to know just who might be hiding in plain sight, ready to sweep us off our feet, so we embarked on our Succulent Search for "BIG LOVE!

Do you want to meet other single professionals in ... Hosted by the premier speed dating company; "25Dates.com" (as featured on CNN Headline News).

You Had Me At Putt Putt -FCSSC's Speed Dating Event This super-fun, no pressure event is a fantastic way to meet some other great singles.

Have you tried online dating sites and still find yourself single?David has been a pilot for 35 years, a facilitator for 27 years, and a flight instructor for 18 years. In this special Nerd Nite talk professional magician Ben Train is going to give you a peek behind the curtain and discuss EXACTLY how a magician takes something from an impossible idea and turns it into a real life miracle!About Ben: Ben Train is an award winning magician and mentalist who has lectured and performed hundreds of shows across North America and Europe. If you are up to two years below or above the advertised age range, you can still participate. Assembly Chef’s Hall is where Toronto’s best chefs, restaurateurs and baristas will come together to feed the city.

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