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If we all could treat ourselves with the same loving kindness that we would a small child or a puppy, many of our relationships would change drastically.

When we love ourselves fully it means we accept ourselves, warts and all.

If it no longer feels good, right, or makes us happy, it’s time we stop participating in it.

Though many of these steps may seem rather simple or obvious, their effects are profound to everyone who wants to foster a conscious relationship.

Striving for total authenticity should be a priority! To push ourselves out of both our emotional and physical comfort zones ensures we are evolving and learning about our achievements as well as our mistakes.

Respecting ourselves means that we don’t put our desire for a relationship above listening to our own heart, body, mind, and spirit, and honoring the messages received.

We all want to find that perfect partner to spend our lives with who's not only our lover but our deepest, most intimate confidant.

Lately, however, it seems that current trends in dating have made finding this kind of relationship difficult, leaving people frustrated and disappointed rather than happy and in love.

This process is about attracting people who are in alignment with our most authentic and strongest self.

It’s not about creating superficial illusions or wearing a mask.

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