Spouse on dating websites

From G-d’s perspective, He has long desired to see many of his sons and daughters standing joyously under the (marriage canopy). But the problem is that there are those who, with their own hands, sabotage the process. Through their patterns of analysis, their manner of searching for a spouse and their conduct while dating.

The central question becomes: is what stands between you and the chupah a lack of information or options?

Most couples arrive at this most momentous decision when something in their heart trembles, when everything does not seem perfect.

5) Men disqualify women based on superficialities like appearance.This transforms the quest of choosing a spouse into something that is much more logical and attainable.Many years ago, I heard Rav Ahron Soloveichik zt”l explain that bashert guarantees only one thing: God arranges that you encounter that person.A single is a complete personality, productive and generous.Sometimes people forget that singles have lives outside of dating, and that they have other objectives in life aside from finding a spouse.

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