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There is a long history of metal spinning process in our area dating back to pre-revolutionary war metal smiths (Paul Revere Sr. Spectrum lighting runs a state of the art powder coat process with a five stage chromate pretreat and multi stage oven.

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The bridge is thought to date from the 17th century and is constructed of coursed square sandstone over two segmental stone arches.Work is done on a flexible schedule and can be configured to meet demands of the marketplace Spectrum Lighting’s Spinning Shop is one of the wonders of any in house tour.The metal spinning shop produces optical reflectors, recessed trims, light fixture housings, canopies, cylinders and a host of other parts.Monuments, museums, churches, palaces, parks: Pitti Palace, the Old Bridge, Santo Spirito Square, the Gardens of Boboli - just to name a few...And then mosaic-makers, wood carvers, gilders, goldsmiths...

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